They forge natural walk for those who don't walk

Humans who make robots for humans


Since 2012, Wandercraft builds one of the best teams in the world in walk robotics

Team avec Bernard
25 engineers at the service of
wheelchair users

Many have a PhD in robotics, an international distinction or international training. All have world-class expertise in maths, algorithms, real time software, mechatronics, mechanics, bio-mechanics, regulation, quality, clinical, marketing
All have a special talent for teamwork

Three entrepreneurs, one vision


Marine testing her own algorithms

Morning : developing walk algorithms. Afternoon : letting a wheelchair user walk again. It's reason and passion.

Marine Dynamic modelling and walk trajectories

They started to develop the exo when they were university students

Nicolas Simon was the president of Ecole Polytechnique's robotics club when he decided to push the boundaries of robotics to fight mobility impairment

With two friends of the same promotion, Alexandre Boulanger and Matthieu Masselin, they founded and now lead Wandercraft. Each specializes in one field of robotics : software and command, mechatronics, mechanics.

For business development, they were joined by Jean-Louis Constanza, a serial entrepreneur and non-executive director of Wandercraft since day one.

Around them grew the Wanderteam, one of the best walk robotics team in the world

Nicolas Simon


Created the exo's concept and heads the Mechatronics team

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and Imperial College in London, Nico is 29. For the last ten years he has focused on how to break the disability barrier with robotics


Alexandre Boulanger

Managing Director

Designed the exo's disruptive architecture and heads Mechanics.

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and the Delft University in Holland, Alex is 29. His mission : to develop the robot that will massively allow to walk again

Matthieu Masselin

Managing Director

Developed Wanderbrain's algorithms with his Software and Command team

Graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and KTH University in Stockholm, Matt is 29. He has a passion for emulating human walk with the most advanced algorithms

Jean-Louis Constanza

Chief Business Officer

Heads Sales, Marketing and Investor Relations

Graduated in robotics at SupAero and with an MBA from Insead, JL is 55. He has a long experience as an entrepreneur and in the mobility impairment ecosystem, that he puts at the service of wheelchair users

Nico Fabien Raph

Our project was pushing the boundaries of technology. It immediately gathered an extraordinary team. It became a human adventure.

Nicolas President

Join us to (actually) change the world


We are venturers. We proudly take on bold challenges. We make real the promise of robotics by providing an ordinary life to extraordinary people.

Françoise ready for 2nd session

We are always searching for new talents with a passion for our project, in applied maths, robotics command, mechatronics, mechanics, bio-mechanics, clinical strategy and trials, user experience, marketing and sales
We are not hiring lone geniuses but women and men who thrive on teamwork

We are currently hiring experienced specialists in dynamic robotics command, real-time software, mechatronics, mechanics and clinical strategy.

Join us